úterý 5. února 2013

Decorations for the Florist Table - ROZPIS ÚKOLŮ

Roses Wreathflower decorations FarmVille 2

Late hatching

  1. Place 1 table florist in your farm to help you Help Walter
  2. 5 actions performed on the farm of Walter to see what their problems
  3. Blueberry harvest 15 plots to show the correct method to Walter

Flowers language

  1. Recovers 5 pairs of scissors to pick flowers for beautiful specimens
  2. Harvest 20 plots of dark thoughts to see if they like Barbara
  3. Prepare 3 bunches dark thoughts that will Barbara Walter

Orange, O despair

  1. 3 orange harvest to begin
  2. Take care of five adult goats milk because it takes with cupcakes
  3. 3 Prepare the orange cupcakes for Barbara

Fresh attraction

  1. Recovers 5 baskets of flowers for an aesthetic effect
  2. Harvest 3 lemons for lemon acid
  3. Prepare four pitchers of lemonade to tourists visiting

A small glass

  1. Ends of the table florist in your farm
  2. Harvest 20 plots of strawberries to give this lemonade punch
  3. 5 Prepare the strawberry lemonades for Barbara

Color, that’s life

  1. Blueberry harvest 15 plots to win a special award
  2. Take care of 4 adult rabbits
  3. Factory 4 blue handkerchiefs for Walter

Sign of affection

  1. Recovers 5 card holder to offer a bouquet Barbara
  2. Interviews 2 times the shack chickens for eggs
  3. 20 harvest sunflowers to make a bouquet

A perfect union

  1. Take care of five adult goats for milk
  2. Look after winning eight hens
  3. Prepare 3 tarts with goat cheese for Walter and Barbara

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